Thursday, August 9, 2007

Things that caught my attention, v 8.9

Continuing the talk of .NET 3.5, Scott Hanselman posted about changes in the Base Class Library from 2.0 to 3.5 He has a report of his findings filled with details on what has been added or removed from the public interface to the BCL.

Then, Channel9 has a video on new features in WPF 3.5. I haven't had time to watch it yet, but it seems like an interesting watch.

Oh and as if we hadn't had enough lego's this week. I wonder what lego set he came from... I want that set...

I love Google, who doesn't? But their new proposed feature that allows those, and only those, involved in a news story to comment alongside... not so sure about that. A Read/Write Web article makes the good point that this feels very "web 1.0" They are closing the opportunity for everyone to participate, and instead leaving us to watch what could potentially be a debate. I mean, if the story presents two sides with conflicting interests, the only ones who'll go through the hassle of proving their involvement in it are the ones who obviously won't have any unbiased information to add. Perhaps in other kinds of stories this might be okay, but I'm not too convinced about that either. And, will Google be able to keep up with the incoming requests for identity verification in a timely manner? This is an interesting move for Google...

And how do you prove your identity anyways? I mean, i always figured banks and other agencies that need to prove your identity have access to super-secure-triple-checked information of you (kidding about that last bit...), but is Google really planning on calling every number and asking for verification? Seems like a system that could be easily fooled.

That's all I have. Now go and enjoy the day, because it's Friday!