Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Things that caught my attention, v 8.21

So, I'm back and (kinda) settled at home in NY. Only until Saturday though, then it's back to RPI.
Where to begin?

So, a great post/reminder on the importance of automating tasks. As well as a quick list of command-line utilities to help automating.

A neat operator that has gone unnoticed by me. Should make things simpler.

A bit of an explanation of C# 3.0 extension methods. Definitely enjoy hearing about these new features.

An insight into the differences between throw and throw ex in C#. Good to know.

And talking about automating/GUI v command line, a channel9 video on PowerGUI, a GUI console to write and execute PowerShell scripts. Sweet!

Now, on to packing for college, yet again