Thursday, August 16, 2007

Things that caught my attention, v 8.16

A little more on new .NET features coming up. A few days ago, (yeah i know, I'm kinda behind...) Scott Dorman talked about object initializers in C# 3.0 That's a pretty cool thing. I really like the case that he gave of being able to do away with multiple overloaded constructors. I find it a nuisance to have to create multiple constructors just to have different properties getting initialized. This will definitely make my code a lot neater.

Scott also pointed out a cool Visual Studio add in that integrates The Code Project right into the IDE, sweet! Among other things, what i really like is the fact that it can keep track of projects you have downloaded. Now I'll be able to keep organized and actually put to use the stuff i learn instead of just putting it in my "Programming Stuff" folder and forgetting about it...

Speaking of Visual Studio, Sarah Ford has a couple new tips. The one i really liked is how to turn on word wrap. That''ll save me time on trying to keep my comments readable.

And finally a good reminder from Leon Bambrick to not go crazy and attempt to learn everything about everything.

Actually, this post wouldn't be complete without an undeniably unrelated topic, so here goes. Apparently, 20,000 passengers were stranded over at LAX on Saturday. Why? Well, it was all due to "a single network interface card." Just one! That's some great design right there...
The reason why I bring this up is because I am supposed to fly back to NY
this Saturday. (after a summer internship at National Instruments here in Austin, a topic for a future blog post) I do not want to be stranded!